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Jamaica Honeymoons

Jamaica Honeymoons


A honeymoon to Jamaica is a fantastic choice. Montego Bay is a popular location, on the north coast, is the capital of the parish of St. James and the second largest city in Jamaica. Montego Bay's tourism dates all the way back to 1924 when the first hotel was built. Today, the beautiful city boasts a wide range of accommodation and guesthouses ranging from super luxurious to standard. The resort has five incredible championship golf courses, tennis facilities and numerous attractions, restaurants and entertainment spots. If sunshine, relaxation and excitement is what you're looking for on your Jamaica honeymoon, you've definitely made the right choice.

If you have been thinking about taking a holiday, or perhaps considering a variety of locations for a future honeymoon, then no other location could be more perfect a choice than the island of Jamaica. This beautiful Caribbean destination offers beautiful beaches, exotic scenery, mouth-watering recipes, and much more. Whether you are going for only a few days, or you are looking for a longer getaway, Jamaica is the perfect destination. Many people can only dream of ever touching the beautiful pristine shores of this Caribbean utopia.

Millions of people travel to Jamaica every single year from all over the world. Whether travelling for a holiday of love, some general sightseeing, or more, there is lots to do on the islands in the Caribbean, especially on Jamaica. You will not run out of exciting adventure or opportunity for relaxation, Jamaica is a real island paradise. Whether you want to spend your night relaxing in the jacuzzi, or take a long dip or swim in the pool, you will surely not run out of fun and exciting things to occupy your time with should you choose to visit this beautiful destination. If you want a more relaxing stay, there is no shortage of that either. With the jaw-dropping scenery and various amenities available, you will feel more comfortable than you have ever been.

Jamaica offers a captivating landscape and draws many tourists all year long, from every different country on earth. Once you arrive, you can truly feel the laid-back atmosphere of this island. If you are interested in fine dining, then you will be pleased to know that Jamaica has many different venues to offer, a variety of dishes to please your individual taste. Jamaica is surrounded by long sandy beaches, crystal clear water, bountiful palm trees, beautiful mountains to climb, and much more. Whether you want to fill your day going on a jeep safari, or if you want to spend it under the ocean snorkeling, there is plenty to do on this island and you will surely find something that meets your own interests.

In Jamaica, there are three international airports: Ian Fleming International Airport in picturesque Ocho Rios, Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay, and lastly the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston (Jamaica's capital city). The most widely used currency is the Jamaican dollar, which you can get from the airport or a variety of currency exchanges. There are areas in all resorts, that will allow you to exchange your dollars. Most Jamaican ATMs will also accept Visa and other credit cards.

Know the right time to visit Jamaica. The climate is usually stable throughout the year but there is a huge difference in the amount of visitors that enter the country during peak and off peak seasons. Peak season is from December to April and it is the busiest time to visit since most parts of the world will be experiencing winters while it is sunny in Jamaica. Rates are usually higher during this time. Off peak season in Jamaica is from May to November. During this time, you are going to get low rates and fewer crowds.

Know what you will be doing during your holiday. You need to relax and enjoy the culture. This is a unique and colorful place and it can inspire a bright and cheerful mood. There are beautiful beaches and mountains for hiking. Other things that you can indulge in include deep sea fishing, kayaking, waterfalls, and horseback riding. You are sure to have a lot of fun outdoors. Plan ahead where you will be staying. Jamaica is one of the first places to introduce all inclusive resorts. These hotels are mostly found in the North Coast. If you are looking for a private and unique lodging experience, it is a good idea to consider staying in villas or boutique hotels.

Sample the local cuisine. There is a lot more to Jamaican food than jerk chicken. Their flavorful dish has a mixture of influences from some part of Europe and Africa. You should therefore not indulge in fries and pizza but instead opt for one of the local hot spots. Be sure to meet the people. One of the most prized possessions in Jamaica are the warm and welcoming people. In order to better facilitate cultural interactions between visitors and Jamaicans, the government created the meet the people program. This initiative matches individuals and families that are going to the island with local ambassadors based on your profession, hobbies and interests. Your experience is going to range from home cooked dinner at the home of the ambassador to hiking up the mountains. The choice will be yours to make. This is the best way to experience what Jamaica has to offer from the insight of the indigenous people. The hardest part is leaving Jamaica. There are VIP departure services that is going to fast track you through immigration and security and lounge that includes food, beverages and Wi-Fi. If you want to take a shower and relax, there are spas and shower facilities before takeoff.

Whether you want to travel around the island in a private car, or take a tour bus with many others, there are several options for how you want to go about it. You can also often arrange for various excursions with tour guides at your resort hotel. There are many of places to eat and shop, a variety of beautiful resort locations for you to schedule some relaxation, and plenty more. There are dozens of reasons why Jamaica is considered the top island destination in the Caribbean to visit. If you have not yet traveled to this country, you should add it to your list, don't go too long without seeing all that this beautiful island has to offer. As far as islands go, you can't do better than Jamaica. You will have an amazing time at the island and create lasting memories.

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Jamaica Honeymoons

Jamaica Honeymoons

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