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Mauritius Honeymoons

Mauritius Honeymoons


The island of Mauritius is simply stunning and a perfect honeymoon location, without a doubt. The island has so much to offer newlyweds, from sandy powder beaches, to endless activities on the island - from botanical gardens to quad biking. Honeymoons in Mauritius give you the best of both, relaxation and simply beautiful honeymoon hotels, as well as plenty to keep the family and friends entertained. It's even an extremely popular wedding destination if you'd like to combine your honeymoon stay with a wedding too.

If you are looking for the perfect island destination, complete with the best beaches, great activities, and other services to make your stay comfortable, then you will not want to miss considering a trip to the island nation of Mauritius. This is one of the most beautiful island destination locations in the world. The capital and largest city is Port Louis, aside from the island Mauritius, the island nation is also includes Rodrigues, the islands of Agalega, and the archipelago of Saint Brandon. Interestingly, there are no official languages of this island nation and it is both a French-speaking and an English-speaking region.

The currency used officially is the Mauritian Rupee, although credit cards and U.S. Currency is accepted in some places, but it is strongly suggested that you try to use the MUR (Mauritian Rupee) in order to pay for things and get by in the region. It is also recommended that you wait until you land in Mauritius in order to exchange your currency into the Mauritian rupee, because you will get a better rate. If you want to exchange your money, then you will easily find a variety of exchange bureaus that you can use throughout Mauritius, located in the airport, hotels, and more areas.

You also have the option to go to the bank and exchange travelers checks, use your debit card, or credit card, in order to purchase some Mauritius currency. There are plenty of hotels for you to choose from when it comes to where you are going to stay, there is something for everyone here. Whether you want a high quality spa getaway or a more modest sleeping arrangement, there are plenty of different shelter options to satisfy your needs. This place has so much to offer and then some, you will surely find everything that meets your needs. You can easily build your own package and experience so that you end up having the trip of a lifetime.

Whether you are planning a honeymoon to celebrate your love, or you want to build your own package to meet your individual vacation needs, Mauritius is the perfect destination spot to visit. It has the most beautiful beach areas in the world, you will not get to see more pristine beaches than those which are located throughout this area. The great thing about traveling to this area, is that you can build your own tailor-made holiday and package to fit in whatever you want to.

Mauritius is truly an ideal and enchanting place to visit. When you come to this beautiful island nation, its natural beauty will uplift your soul. Every encounter is an opportunity to meet new people and to discover a friendly face, the people of this island destination are very kind and welcoming. There is no secret as to why so many people continue to return to this beloved area. With Mauritius, there are a multitude of colors, sounds, and tastes, the island is surrounded by a turquoise sea and it truly provides an oasis of peace and tranquility. Don't miss out on the chance to visit this beautiful place because your stay will remain engraved in your memory forever. Whether you want to spend your days snorkeling for underwater treasures, shopping at local markets, or enjoying some delicious food and drinks by the ocean or pool, there is something for everyone here. Don't miss out on your chance to see one of the top destination spots in the world.

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Mauritius Honeymoons

Mauritius Honeymoons

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