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Pacific Honeymoons

Pacific Honeymoons


If you're looking for a long-haul honeymoon then you can get much further than the other side of the earth! Honeymoons in the Pacific can take place at a number of incredible locations. There are so many islands and options to choose from it's a really tricky decision to make as to where to have your honeymoon. We can arrange a multi-centre honeymoon, should you wish to try to explore as much as possible in one amazing holiday. A Honeymoon in the Pacifc is a great choice. Books yours today!

Anyone who has seen the film South Pacific may well dream of getting married on a white sandy beach with a background of crystal clear water under giant palm trees. You can get a wedding package to do just that or you can choose to go there for your honeymoon. You cannot do better than select Bora Bora, even the name sounds romantic. This is one of the Leeward Islands of French Polynesia which lies 143 miles (230 kilometres) north west of Papeete and it really is paradise on earth.

Surrounded by the most beautiful lagoon and a barrier reef it is the home of the world famous Bloody Mary seafood restaurant. They cook the food fresh for each customer and have their own signature cocktails. Being a Pacific island most activities are geared to water sports, snorkelling, diving or just sunbathing on the white beaches. Most hotels have their own private beach and there is only one public beach on the island Matira Beach. There you can snorkel to your heart's content or just sit on the deck by the beach sipping cocktails as you watch the stunning sunset.

Photography boat tours are held taking you round the entire island with special day-trips for newly-weds with champagne thrown in. The guide takes you to see some of the amazing sites to be found on Bora Bora but the boat also anchors so you can snorkel from the boat. It is fun to stay in one of the over-the-water bungalows to be found round the island and these range from relatively cheap to expensive accommodation offering the ultimate luxury.

There is virtually no public transport on Bora Bora so the best way of getting around is to hire a small two-seater buggy or bicycles. For those who want to explore the lagoon themselves motor boats can be rented for the day or half-day. If you are really adventurous and like exciting explorations you can go on a half-day 4 x 4 jeep safari which takes you to three villages on the island. You will also see the remains of the US Army canons which remain from World War Two. The safari also gives you the opportunity to taste some of the exotic local fruits and visit the only pearl farm on Bora Bora.

Providing you are not claustrophobic you can have a real adventure by exploring the depths of the lagoon in your own personal submarine scooter. You are lowered from a hydraulic platform and you will see a mass of colourful fish that swim below the surface. There are also trails you can walk and explore but just visiting Bora Bora is a life-changing experience you will never forget. The residents are friendly and welcoming and go out of their way to show you the best of their beautiful island which is one of the jewels of the Pacific Ocean.

Good weather is guaranteed throughout the year and there are six flights daily to Bora Bora from the nearby airport. If you prefer a car to a buggy these can be hired for the duration of your stay but most visitors opt for the buggies as they are easy to drive and nifty on the roads, some of which are quite narrow.

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Pacific Honeymoons

Pacific Honeymoons

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