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Chaaya Village Habarana

Chaaya Village Habarana

Sri Lanka Beach Resorts - Sri Lanka

The cosy cottages of this Sigiriya hotel are inspired by the typical thatched roof huts found locally and lie in clusters with low roofs and brownish yellow exteriors. The paint used is specially mixed with mud, in true native fashion, to ensure the facade is in harmony with nature. Perfect Honeymoon Location. 

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Welcome to Chaaya Village Habarana...

Things to do: 

A brave king's hideaway during times of war, says one legend & sanctuary to the rag-robe-wearers, a break-away group of monks in ancient times, says another & a fragment of soil from the Himalayas brought by the ape-god Hanuman, says a third. A morning hike to a mountain steeped in myth and mystery, a site of centuries old ruins, a veritable stone monastery that lies in Ritigala's dense jungle. In the afternoon guests will experience the royal mode of transportation - on elephant back! Then, an exploration of the forest, cross a river and survey the surrounding villages, as the kings did, on a one-and-a-half hour elephant ride. Finally, a delicious five-course meal will be served up by the poolside. This includes a taste of the local delicacy-'Olu bath' (Water lily rice). 

Package includes:Transport to Ritigala in an A/C van, Bottled water, Entrance fees, Services of a naturalist, Elephant back safari, Dinner and wine.
Visitors can tramp through the woods, exploring centuries-old caves and cavernous boulders en route to \\\\'Kaludiya Pokuna\\\\' (Black water pool) on an early morning adventure. After a picnic breakfast, visitors will be led through the heart-pounding scale of a sheer rock surface to be rewarded by spectacular views of Habarana, Sigiriya and Ritigala. After they descend, the next stop will be \\\\'Namal Uyana\\\\' for an hour-long trek through the lush forest reserve in the otherwise arid landscape of Dambulla, to its famed rose quartz deposit. In the afternoon, a cycle trip along the scenic and yet treacherous route encircling five lakes. A Habarana sunset can be experienced on the return journey. Each and every one will be greeted at the hotel by a free happy-hour of Jungle Cocktails and Mocktails by the pool-side, with the village snake charmer as the host. While those adventurous enough may seek to share in his passion for handling the python, everyone is invited to try the signature arrack cocktail in a coconut shell or make their own cocktails with the hotel's selection of local spirits and tropical fruit juices. 

Package includes: Transport to Kaludiya Pokuna and Namal Uyana in an A/C van, Entrance fees for Namal Uyana, Picnic breakfast and bottled water, Services of a naturalist, Bike hire, Free cocktails during happy hour.
After a leisurely afternoon, visitors can join the village fishermen at the bank of the lake. With the guidance of the 'experts', they may use either the Oruwa (narrow wooden boat) or wade through the water, to cast the nets. In silence and in complete harmony with the surrounding tranquility, they will be shown how to cast the nets the traditional way, moving slowly and gracefully amidst myriad water lilies, lotus, and bird species. On their return, all who participated will be treated to a sumptuous river and seafood dinner by the poolside. The next day, all those up for the challenge can join the fishermen at sunrise to paddle or wade across the lake, skillfully removing the nets and retrieving the catch! The catch is generally shared with friends, as is the local custom. 

Package includes: Hire of Oruwa on both days, Services of a naturalist, Dinner.

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