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Hotel Maitai Lapita Village

Hotel Maitai Lapita Village

Huahine - The Pacific

If you're searching for an unforgettable vacation in a place both authentic and mystical, Maitai Lapita Village welcomes you to the island of Huahine, known for preserving its places in their wild state. 

Be seduced by the richness of this island, its history and cutlural heritage, the stunning scenery, beaches and marine life. Don't forget to visit the archaeological sites and hear from the Polynesians the wonderful secrets which abound in Huahine. 

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Honeymoons at Hotel Maitai Lapita Village...

The Maitai Lapita Village Huahine lies between a lake and the lagoon, on an ancient archaeological site where our Huahinean ancestors once lived, hence the name Lapita Village, referring to those people. This Huahine hotel offers excellent accommodationat a great price, welcoming hospitality, a restaurant and bar, a swimming pool, a multitude of activities and much more.

The Maitai Lapita Village Huahine is a dream destination for all divers, explorers, sea lovers and those who treasure vacations rich in emotions and discoveries. Your accommodation is traditional, immersed in the wilderness of the island, and affordable - making it the ideal place to stay while you discover the islands of French Polynesia.

Activities & Entertainment

  • Discover archaeological sites
  • Rental cars, scooters and bicycles
  • Snorkeling in the coral garden
  • Tour of a vanilla plantation
  • Visit a pearl farm
  • Visit fish parks or see the sacred eels
  • Scuba diving
  • Jet Ski tours
  • Hiking to Mount Pohuerahi
  • Deep sea fishing (or lagoon or coastal fishing)
  • Tour of the island in a traditional outrigger canoe or by private boat
  • Safari tour by 4x4
  • Horse riding

Why not speak to a Huahine Honeymoon Specialist for the latest prices and honeymoon offers at this resort?  Call 0808 168 1230 or enquire online.

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